Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thoracic Aortic Disease (TAD) - Looking For It and Finding It Early Saves Lives

The Bicuspid Aortic Foundation issued a press release this week, Bicuspid Aortic Foundation Observes Thoracic Aortic Disease Awareness 2011, to bring attention to the risk factors associated with TAD and the importance of finding TAD earlier. Finding TAD early allows for proactive treatment in the most favorable setting - before a life-threatening emergency strikes.

On this Blog, the Foundation is featuring the experiences of some of those with various forms of TAD. In the video below, along with Dr. Sharo Raissi, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board, I speak about meeting some of those with TAD, and the great difference that information and finding TAD early can make.

Through out the remainder of 2011, the Foundation will continue to place special emphasis on finding Thoracic Aortic Disease as early as possible. Please help us by sharing this information with everyone you know.

Arlys Velebir
President and Chairman
Bicuspid Aortic Foundation

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