Sunday, December 4, 2016

Urgent Call to Support BAV Research

Introducing Some Special BAV Families 
I do not have any pictures of them to share. Perhaps you can imagine them. 
They seemed to have such active, busy lives. Until suddenly, unexpectedly, they died. "Spontaneous deaths" they were called.

When I heard their stories, I cried. 

Why did they die like this?

We are fortunate that someone looked so carefully inside, seeking to answer that question. In their hearts they found something we at the Foundation have come to know all too well, an aortic valve with only two leaflets.
Human Bicuspid
Aortic Valve

Yes, they all were from BAV families.

They reminded me of  many we have met over the years, fellow travelers along the lifelong journey with BAV.

Before going further, let me explain why they are so special. They are families of mice, engaged in research. They live in the Molecular Genetics and Cardiac Regeneration Laboratory at the University of Ottawa.  Please click on the name to visit this laboratory dedicated to understanding our hearts.

Mice? Yes, they are BAV mice, mice with specific, known, genetic abnormalities. They are the first in a laboratory to consistently have bicuspid aortic valves and so strikingly mirror our human experience.

Just like us, these BAV mice families are far from straight forward. Some family members have obvious BAV, some do not. Some suffer tragic complications and premature deaths, others do not.

Our Doctors Simply Do Not Know Enough Today
Today, so little is known that doctors cannot predict very well how severe the consequences will be in the lives of those in BAV families. This is why some of us discover with time that their predictions turn out to be incorrect.

Professor Mona Nemer and the researchers in her laboratory aim to change that! They are learning so much from these wonderful little creatures and their special hearts and bodies.

The most immediate impact from their research will be the identification of biomarkers, predictive tools that can be used to test for and prevent tragedies, to distinguish between those who will have a more normal life and those who face major risks and need individualized, proactive monitoring and care.

Someone Who Understands 
As I listened to Professor Nemer speak recently, I was thrilled to hear a scientifically-based, compassionate discussion that described the BAV challenge so well. I credit these mice for being amazing teachers, representing us so accurately to these also amazing and talented researchers who seek only to understand, and in understanding, help alleviate human suffering. They have just begun to shed light on the answers our doctors so desperately need. This even includes the labile blood pressure issues that plague some BAVers during their lifetimes.

You Can Help Too!

This is the first research effort that the Bicuspid Aortic Foundation has found so compelling that we are directly fundraising in support of it.

Every 12 seconds, somewhere in the world, a child is born with BAV. Today, I have fresh hope that a new day is dawning, and their future, and that of all those living today, need not be so uncertain.

The most powerful thing that we can do today is support Professor Nemer's work.

This holiday season, 
may you know the joy and peace 
that comes to those who give from the heart,
Creating a Climate of Hope.

~ Arlys Velebir
                          Bicuspid Aortic Foundation

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